"About" is a very loaded word, "About" is everyone and every event that led me here. So let's get this straight, nothing is worth shit without the people that I am talking "ABOUT!"  People who have supported and inspired me, head slapped me, and leveled with me for the past several decades. I am a very blessed woman with an incredible group of friends who've been by my side through the best and the worst of times.. Without them, I would still be singing in the shower!! 

(Disclaimer-Let me start by saying that
I come from a very close, very large, loud, and incredible Italian family! We say it like it is, its all out balls to the wall some days so remember that when I start shooting my mouth off. Call it Passion!)
I've been singing as far back as I can remember...of course I can't remember much--it's been so long! 
Seriously, singing wasn't something that I ever really thought about, it was just something that I did and gratefully continue to do. 

Being able to do what I love is the ultimate gift. Being able to share it with you takes it to another level, but the most amazing part of this journey has been getting to know the people who have watched, listened, and danced to the music that I've been a part of. Thank you! 

While listening to my playlist you'll notice a plethora of genre's. I imagine that this is the primary reason why I've had difficulty establishing myself as a solo artist. I JUST CANT COMMIT (that speaks volumes!) Hell, I can't even commit to a vitamin regimen! One day it's a Woman's Ultra Mega, the next it's CoQ or some Vitamin C. My Point! I just cant process the idea of ingesting the same thing on a daily basis. Same goes with music, music should express what your feeling when your feeling it, it doesn't have to always be the formula that labels request because it's hot right now. Feeling boxed in never felt good to me..

I don't always sing my own songs.. I also sing with the group Expose', we're an 80's Dance Pop Trio and we have been singing together for 25 years! The Girls have always supported my desire to sing what I feel at any given moment. I don't think I've ever sung Let Me Be the One the same way twice which has probably thrown them off more than once... Great music, wonderful women, and an incredible career that motivates me everyday. While singing with my partners I was inspired to write and delve into some personal stories and inspirational events. These are the songs that you'll hear on gioiabruno.com

Here and now, I have the chance to be the mixed up complicated mess of an artist that I really am.   
Welcome to my world!
Now for the upside! There is something here for everyone :) You'll hear Rock, R&B, Dance, Electronica, Ballads, Pop,
Adult Contemporary, and yes... a little bit of country.. apparently I've got a TWANG? Oye Vey.. 

I could go on with my rants forever, but instead I just want to say thanks for being here.
Be open with your comments because I want to know what you think, how you feel, what you'd like to hear,
and what you had for breakfast this morning!

Heavy Metal Headbanger Opera!? You got it! These are the things that are important to me. You are important to me :)
So feel free to let it rip! I'm the Anti-Diva who can take it 24/7.

ARE WE CLEAR??? GOOD!! Do you know me yet? If you don't that's ok.. I wanna know YOU...